resp. Artillerieschlepper Stalin 607 (r)






Only 1,123 Voroshilovetz were made from 1939 to 1942. The Red Army had 528 vehicles left of them in September 1942. Therefore, the Wehrmacht captured only a few of them. This Voroshilovez seems to have been captured by German forces nearly undamaged.









The Voroshilovetz had a payload of 3 tons and a pulling force of 22 tons. A 100 kN winch was available, too. The maximum speed was 42 km/h. These were impressing performance data. But the Voroshilovetz suffered under week transmission and breaking system which were worn out after few 100 km’s. This Voroshilovez was used by a German unit. Abschlepp-Staffel A.O.K. - which means towing squadron of an Army high command - was written on the radiator.






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