Lanz Type HR9 Eil-Bulldog



Lanz Eil-Bulldog HR9 D2531, WL-238130, Anderson



The Lanz type HR9 Eil-Bulldog was made exclusively as tractor for good roads from 1937 to 1944. Compared to the HR8, the engine power was increased to 55 HP. In addition, the wheelbase was lengthened and the fuel tank was enlarged to more than the double capacity. The vehicle reached a top speed of 33 km/h. This Lanz type HR9 D2531 respectively D2538 (with cable winch) was used by a unit of the Luftwaffe.






Lanz Eil-Bulldog HR9 D2531, Hoppe



This Lanz type HR9 D2531 had the camouflage finish introduced in February 1943. Vehicles manufactured beginning in 1942/43 had a solid roof instead of the folding cabriolet top. The variant with totally closed driver’s cab was designated as D2539.



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