Lanz Type HR 8 Bulldog



Lanz Bulldog HR8 D9500 bei WH, bahnverladen, Rogge



The Lanz type HR8 was manufactured in different variants from 1935 to 1944. The 10.3 litres one- cylinder diesel engine had a continuous power of 38 HP and a maximum power of 45 HP. This Lanz type HR8 D9500 Acker-Bulldog was used by an Infantry unit of the Wehrmacht as towing vehicle for a Stahlfeldwagen (Hf. 7).






Lanz_Bulldog_HR8_der Luftwaffe



This Lanz Ackerluft-Bulldog was an early variant of the type HR8 D9506 with a 38 HP engine. The vehicle was pneumatic-tyred and could therefore be used on good roads, too.






Lanz Eil-Bulldog HR8 D9538, WL -2-, Hoppe



Quite frequently used by units of the Luftwaffe was the Lanz type HR8 D9538 Eil-Bulldog. It was used for different towing tasks in military bases and on frontline airstrips. Sometimes, such vehicles were used for moving A.A. guns.









The only difference between the Lanz type HR8 D9539 Eil-Bulldog and the type D 9538 was the totally closed driver’s cab. An additional warm-air heating was available for such driver’s cabs. This was more comfortable for service during winter. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)






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