leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen (Kfz. 1)
mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw. &
mit Einheitsfahrgestell I für l. Pkw. Typ 40






The l. gl. Pkw. was manufactured by BMW, Hanomag and Stoewer. Nearly 17,800 exemplars were made from 1936 to 1943. The vehicle in this photo illustrates a Kfz. 1 of the staff of Kraftwagen Transport Abteilung 549.









A nice view of a leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen (Kfz. 1). Observe the removed driver’s door









The l. gl. Pkw. with a superstructure as a leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen - light cross-country passenger car - (Kfz. 1) had a straight rear and an external spare wheel. The fourth door was typical for this variant.









The Einheitsfahrgestell für I für l. Pkw. Typ 40 - standard chassis I for light passenger car type 40 - brought some simplifications. For example, the four-wheel steering was ommitted. In addition, a protective frame was attached in front of the radiator.






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