leichter geländegängiger Lastkraftwagen
Type HWA 526 D - Chassis



l gl Lkw Fahrgestell (Vomag), Suhr via Hoppe



In the mid 1930s, the development of a Einheitsfahrgestells für leichte Lastkraftwagen - standard chassis for light lorries - was started. The chassis was developed by Henschel while the Diesel engine was developed by MAN, Henschel and the Humboldt-Deutzmotoren AG under the lead of MAN. The chassis had all-wheel drive and single wheel arrangement on all wheels. It had an outstanding cross-country capability due to the usage of several limited slip differentials. In the daily military service, the construction proved to bee to complicated and vulnerable. In addition, serial production was too expensive. For these reasons, production was stopped already in 1940.






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