Mercedes-Benz Type L 4500 S (L 303)






The Mercedes-Benz type L 4500 S had a payload of 4.95 tons and a deadweight of 4.93 tons. The diesel engine with 112 HP could accelerate the vehicle to a top speed of 66 km/h.









The Mercedes-Benz type L 4500 S was simplified towards the end of war. Besides the Einheitsführerhaus (standard driver’s cab) of the last year of war, simplified mudguards, smaller headlights and a narrower bumper were used.









6,402 exemplars of the Mercedes-Benz L 4500 S were made. 1,214 vehicles were propelled by wood-gas generators. 2,021 chassis were used for production of special fire brigade vehicles for air defence units. On the left side is a hose motor vehicle (SKW) and in the middle is a fire pump motor vehicle (KS 25).






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