Mercedes-Benz Type Lo 3750 & L 3750 (L 64)






The Mercedes-Benz type Lo 3750 can easily be differentiated from the smaller types by the Simplex rims. Contrary to the direction indicators with one brace of the Mercedes-Benz Lo 3500 – which were attached to the frame of the windshield – the direction indicators of the Lo 3750 had two braces and were fitted to the rear of the driver’s cab. Possibly by customer wish, the direction indicators of this older Lo 3750 were also attached to the frame of the windshield.









The type designation was changed in 1937 to L 3750 without any changes. Beginning in 1938, a new all steel drivers’ cab was used which was noticeable more modern. The Mercedes-Benz L 3750 was made in this design until 1941. The illustrated vehicle belonged to a engineer training unit.









The Mercedes-Benz type L 3750 as tank lorry was a rare vehicle. Likewise rare was the trailed Tatra type 110 tank-trailer. Allegedly, only 24 exemplars were made.






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