BMW 3/20 PS Kübelwagen



BMW 3-20 PS Kübel WH-70769, Münch via Hoppe



Kübelwagen based on the BMW 3/20 PS are not treated in the available literature, but this photo proves that there were Kübelwagen based on the BMW 3/20 PS chassis. The BMW 3/20 PS was made from 1932 to 1934.









A further vehicle of the same type - this time in use by a Luftwaffe unit. Without doubt, Kübelwagen manufactured on the BMW 3/20 PS chassis were made in series. The superstructure of the vehicles illustrated in the two upper photos corresponded to the leichter geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen - light cross-country passenger car - (Kfz. 1).






BMW 3-20 PS Kfz 2 WH-124172, AR 73, Aubrat via Hoppe



Also the Nachrichtenkraftwagen - signals motor vehicle - (Kfz. 2) was made based on the BMW 3/20 PS. In this version the car had only two seats but a large equipment box at the rear.









The superstructure of this BMW 3/20 PS Kübelwagen corresponded to the leichter Messtrupp- Kraftwagen (Kfz. 3). By now, the Kfz. 2 is also proven by photos.






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