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The further development of the ADK was the AGC series. Its construction was nearly identical. Contrary to the curved bumper of the ADK it had a small straight bumper. This Renault AGC-2 had to be towed. Observe the clearly narrower bumper.









This Renault AGC-3 radio vehicle belonged to 5th squadron of Jagdgeschwader 26 Schlageter. About 3,100 vehicles with the same superstructure were made as ambulances for the French army. The illustrated variant didn’t exist based on the ADK chassis. The colour variant of the marking is interesting, because normally the Schlageter S was white on black ground and not conversely.









Most probably also a Renault AGC-3 is this drive training lorry of the Wehrmacht. Possibly it was made around 1940. The one piece windshield indicates a series produced during war. But it had the original bumper and front fenders.









This lorry is a Renault AGC-3, too. This variant was made during war for the German Wehrmacht. The bumper and the front fenders are similar to the parts used on the Renault AHS-1.






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