Peugeot 402






The Peugeot 402 was larger than the Peugeot 302. This sedan had three windows per side. The French army had approximately 1,500 Peugeot 402.









This Peugeot 402 cabriolet was probably an Eclipse model with electrical folding top. It was used by 9. Infanterie Division.









This is a further photo of the same vehicle. The three louvres are clearly visible. The cover of the rear wheel housing had a semicircular form. Note the stylised lions head on it.









The Peugeot 402 B Lègère was similar to the Peugeot 302 but had a different radiator grille. The division bar was split on the upper part for the Peugeot Lègère 402 inscription. The division bar on the radiator grille of the 302 was not split.






Peugeot 402 Kombi Sankra WM-63930, Hoppe



The version of the Peugeot 402 as van was rare. The illustrated vehicle of the Kriegsmarine was used as ambulance.






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