gepanzerter Munitionsschlepper Vk. 5.01






Because the development of a gepanzertetr Munitionsschlepper - armoured ammunition tractor - by Borgward didn’t succeed, new contracts were given to BMM and Weserhütte in December 1941. The drawings should be finished until early 1943. (Photo: NARA)









Because of the adoption of the Adolf-Hitler Programm in January 1943, the plans had to be reworked in respect of raw material economisation. In June 1943, the way forward in the development of the Vk. 5.01 was debated with Weserhütte. Numerous changes were discussed. It is not known how many prototypes were finished by Weserhütte. Both photos show one vehicle which was found by US forces at the end of the war. (Photo: NARA)






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