Pionierkraftwagen II
[m. Lkw. (o)]






The Pionierkraftwagen II - engineer motor vehicle II, abbreviated Pi. Kw. II, was based on the chassis of a commercial m. Lkw. (o). The superstructure was similar to that of the older version of the Pionierkraftwagen I. It was used as personnel carrier and for the transportation of materials in engineer companies. The crew could enter or leave the platform at the rear over a ladder (design a) (see the image above). According to the H.V.Bl. 1936, No. 7 vom 10th March 1936, ser. No. 243, only Pi. Kw. II with doors in the rear wall of the superstructure (design b) were delivered since 1st April 1936. According to the A.H.M. 1936, Blatt 5 from 20th February 1936, the Pi. Kw. II were combat vehicles with special cabinets. Because these could be damaged during logistical drives, such drives were forbidden.









Later, commercial lorries with standard platform superstructures were used. This Borgward B 3000 S matches the specifications for the m. Lkw. (o). In addition, the tactical markin of an engineer company can be seen on the left forward mudguard.






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