Feldküchenanhänger (1 achs.) (t)






The Czechoslovakian large field kitchen M. 09 was quite frequent in the stocks of the Wehrmacht. The three large feed boilers had a capacity of each 100 litres. A further 20 litres feed boiler was located in front of the chimney. Two water boilers with a capacity of each 15 litres were located to the left and right of the 20 litres feed boiler. Contrary to the German field kitchens, the firing of the large field kitchen M. 09 (t) had an effect directly on the feed boilers and not to a boiler liquid around the feed boiler. There was also a version of the large field kitchen M. 09 (t) for motorised towing, the Feldküchenanhänger (1 achs.) (t).






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