Betonmischmaschine 250 l als Anhänger (1 achs.) fahrbar






The construction units used concrete mixers of various types. The larger models were designed as trailers. This Betonmischmaschine - concrete mixer - 250 l als Anhänger (1 achs.) fahrbar originated from the brand Joseph Vögele, Mannheim. (Image from Wa 5 Sparkommissar, Wünsdorf)






Betonmischer_als_Anh_1 achs_HE



This Vögele Betonmischmaschine 250 l als Anhänger (1 achs.) fahrbar was towed by a lorry. Observe the tactical marking of a road construction unit and the white WH marking which identifies the trailer as a vehicle of the Wermacht.









Three further concrete mixers of the same type were transported lorried and trailed in this scene. Becaus the wheels of the concrete mixers in all known photos had the Wehrmacht unified tyre tread, it is very probable, that this series of concrete mixers was manufactured for the Wehrmacht in larger numbers.






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