Schneeräumgerät (bespannt)






With the A.H.M. 1942, Blatt 16 from 7th July 1942, No. 558 (O.K.H. (Ch H Rüst u BdE), 16th June 1942 - 75 m 10/20 - AHA/In 3 (VI)), the Schneeräumgerät (bespannt) - snow clearing device (horse drawn) - was officially introduced. A Hufbahnpflug - hoof-track-plough - (see image), a Vorpflug - pre-plough - and a Verbreiterungspflug - widening-plough - belonged to the equipment. Actually, this device had an own Anforderungszeichen - order number. (Image from: Der Straßenwinterdienst Teil I)









With the Schneeräumgerät (bespannt), a road way for horses could be cleared. At first, the Hufbahnpflug (upper image) was pushed by one or two horses to ease the horses the moving in the snow. After that, the Vorpflug was towed through the track to widen it. (Image from: Der Straßenwinterdienst Teil I)









At the end, the track was widened to 1.5 m by the Verbreiterungspflug. (Image from: Der Straßenwinterdienst Teil I)






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