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In 1893, the brothers John M. Mack and Augustus F. Mack purchased a wagon company in Brooklyn. Development of steam and electrical commercial vehicles was started. Later, also busses were made. In 1902, the Mack Brothers Company was created. The brand name Mack Truck was established in 1910. In 1911, Mack merged with the Saurer Motor Truck Company to the International Motor Truck Company. After that, the company was relocated to Allentown. During World War I, about 6,000 Mack lorries were delivered to the armies of the USA and Great Britain. These vehicles earned a good reputation during the war. In 1922, the license production of Saurer lorries was stopped. From that time on, the company was operated under the name Mack Truck Inc. In the following years, Mack became famous for its heavy duty lorries. During World War II, more than 35,000 vehicles were delivered to the armies of the Allies.







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