Wheeled tractors played a subordinated role in the Wehrmacht. Because most of them originated from the private sector, they were dependent on good road conditions. For this reason, one mainly saw them in use by the Luftwaffe, in rail- and engineer units and in use by fortress building engineers. On good roads they could reach considerable traction. For the off road use and the use on the eastern front they were unsuitable.
In the German Reich widely spread were the wheeled tractors of the brands Hanomag and FAUN. But vehicles of other brands were used, too. Less known is the usage of agricultural tractors by the Wehrmacht. These vehicles were mainly used at home bases and airfields.
Wheeled tractors of foreign manufacturers were used besides the wheeled tractors of German manufacturers, too. All-wheel driven artillery tractors were available in the armies of different European countries. The Wehrmacht used these vehicles when they were captured. In some cases, captured agricultural tractors were used mainly by the Luftwaffe, too.






Wheeled tractors of German manufacturers



Wheeled tractors, captured vehicles and production in the occupied territories






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