VOMAG Type 3 LR 443 & 3 LV 443






The VOMAG 3 LR 443 with diesel engine respectively 3 LV 443 with petrol engine had a payload of 3 to 3.5 tons. It was the successor model of the VOMAG 3 Cz and was manufactured beginning in 1935. It had rectangular engine bonnet side plates contrary to the side plates of the 3 Cz which were angular on the lower side.









The lower part of the steering column had no cover contrary to the 3 Cz. The design of the radiator grille of the two lower vehicles points to the years of construction 1938/39. The long foot board was typically for vehicles made for the Wehrmacht.









The Einheitsführerhaus - open standard driver’s cab - of the Wehrmacht was not used for every vehicle made for the Wehrmacht. The vehicle illustrated in the middle had a production line driver’s cab while the lower vehicle had the Einheitsführerhaus.






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