Opel Blitz 3.6-6700 A






One of the demands of the Schell-Plan was that the industry should create all-wheel driven lorries derivated from the normal S-type lorries.This should be done with a minimum of additional parts. Opel presented it’s solution - the Opel Blitz 3.6-6700 A - in the year 1940. (Image from the maintenance manual)









Because of the higher construction, the lower edge of the side plates of the engine bonnet could be formed straight. In addition, the massive gears of the front wheels, the massive additional gear of the front axle and the higher construction are the typical features of the all-wheel drive.









During cold weather, the radiator grille was protected by additional covers. The unit sign on the right mudguard of this Opel Blitz 3.6-6700 A could be that of the 223. Infanterie Division.









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