Magirus Type 33 G 1 (License Henschel)






The Magirus type 33 G 1 was manufactured from 1937 to 1941. Altogether 3,870 exemplars were made. It was a manufacture under license of the Henschel type 33 G 1. The only outer distinguishing mark was the stylised Ulm Cathedral - the company logo of Magirus - which was cast in the upper radiator tank instead of the Henschel star.









The Magirus type 33 G 1 was propelled by a Deutz F 6 M 516 H diesel engine with a power of 100 HP. It had a Henschel crankcase but cylinders, bushings and pistons of Deutz. Allegedly, some vehicles were propelled by a Deutz F 6 M 516 diesel engine with a power of 125 HP.






Henschel 33 Lizenz Magirus WL-290712, Hoppe



Possibly Henschl could not supply additional engines to Magirus so Magirus was allowed to use a Deutz diesel engine. By order of the OKH, this engine had to have the same connection points like the Henschel engine. A further distinguishing mark to the Henschel type 33 was the missing of labels on the radiator grille. But this is not definitive because such labels could be lost during service.






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