Krupp L 3 H 163 (M 12 & M 12 a engine)



Krupp L3H63 Dachgalerie WL-443230, Hoppe



The once more improved model Krupp L 3 H 163 – which was propelled by the strengthened M 12 engine with 110 HP – was manufactured from 1936 to 1938. At the end of the production time, the M 12 a engine with extended cylinder capacity was used. Besides the stronger engine, the Krupp L 3 H 163 had the Knorr pneumatic braking system as standard, an improved shifting gear and improved wheel suspensions.






Krupp L3H163 WH-36123, Hoppe



The most striking new feature was the new bumper made of angled steel sections which replaced the different bumpers made of steel tubes. During serial production, the Simplex rims were replaced by the new developed Trilex rims.






Krupp L3H163, WL-19588, Hoppe



The rims of the rear axles were changed, too. The spokes were fitted more toward the outside of the rims than on the predecessor model. Another feature of these rims was the clearly visible screw joint on the ends of the spokes. The cross-country tracks – which could be applied to the rear axles for rough terrain – were stored in special mountings on the dropsides.






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