Ford V8-G81A / V8-G92A






The newer radiator grille with additional garnish mouldings of the year of construction starting in 1938 is clearly visible on this Ford V8-G81A Special cabriolet. The V8-G92A model manufactured beginning in 1939 differed from the V8-G81A mainly by the weaker V8 engine with 60 instead of 90 HP. The illustrated car belonged to 168. Infantry Division.









This Ford V8-G81A Special limousine was used by a unit of the police. The rear wheels were covered on the Special model. The photo was made in 1942. Optically, the German Ford models made in 1938 and later did not follow the changes of the American models. Only internal improvements were adopted.






Ford V-8 Mod 1937-39 Pick-Up-Umbau, WH-914755, Hoppe



The heavy limousines were often converted to light lorries because the troop preferred the cabriolets as passenger cars. Mainly ambulances were made. Flatbed lorries like this Ford V8-G81A were converted in smaller numbers.






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