Ford V8-51






The Ford 3 tons lorry model V8-51 was manufactured from 1937 to 1939. Different models were made of this lorry, too. This one had the production-line driver's cab. It was nearly identical to the American Ford V8 lorry which was manufactured from 1935 to 1936.









The Ford V8-51 was also manufactured for the Wehrmacht. These vehicles differed from the serial model by the open standard driver’s cab of the Wehrmacht.






Ford V8-51 Pritsche extrem langer Radstand, Hoppe



This Ford V8-51 is interesting. It had a very long wheelbase. Most probably, it was based on an omnibus chassis.






Ford V8 1936 6x4 Tankwagen, Hoppe



This Ford V8 lorry is for sure a captured vehicle. The construction corresponds to the American Ford V8 lorry of the year of construction 1935/36. Possibly this vehicle originated from one of the Benelux States. The vehicle was converted to a three-axle lorry so it could carry the heavy tank superstructure.






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