schwerer Zugkraftwagen 12t with Gaubschat car body






As towing vehicle for the heavy three-axle Stromerzeugerwagen of the mobile Mittel- und Langwellensender leichter Bauart – medium- and long wave transmitter of light construction – (Soldatensender – armed forces radio station – A to Q) of the Deutsche Reichspost, about 16 schwere Zugkraftwagen 12t were manufactured with a car body of the company Gaubschat. The driver’s cab of this variant was closed. The platform had stowage compartments on the sides and could be closed with a tarpaulin. In the illustrated photo, the towing vehicle of the Soldatensender O (Otto) is visible after its arrival in the railway station Stalino on 8th May 1942. The Soldatensender Otto was subordinated under PzAOK 1 during the summer offensive 1942.






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