Mercedes-Benz Type LG 3000 (LG 63)






Trials with the Mercedes-Benz LG 63 started with three vehicles in 1934. Further seven vehicles followed one year later. These vehicles differed in many details compared to the later serial vehicles. The illustrated vehicle could be one of these first ten testing vehicles. Another possibility is, that the illustrated vehicle was a civilian version of the LG 3000 produced parallel to the Wehrmacht model.









Altogether 7,440 exemplars of the Mercedes-Benz LG 3000 were made until 1940. Compared to the competition models, the payload of 2.8 tons was a bit low. The LG 3000 was propelled by a 95 HP diesel engine.






Mercedes LG 3000 festes Haus, WM-4505, Hoppe



This Mercedes-Benz LG 3000 with closed driver’s cab of the Kriegsmarine originated most probably from a civilian organisation like the NSKK or the Reichsbahn.






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