Wanderer W 22 / W 246



Wanderer W 22 Cabrio, IR 105, Hoppe



The Wanderer W 22 was manufactured from 1933 to 1935. It was propelled by a six-cylinder engine with a power of 40 HP. The two rows of ventilation louvres were typical for the W 21 / 22 series. The Wanderer W 22 cabriolet had four side windows contrary to the two side windows of the W 21 cabriolet. Besides the cabriolet, there were four-seater touring cars, limousines with four doors and six side windows and Pullman limousines of the W 22. Wanderer W 22 vehicles manufactured in 1935 were designated as Wanderer W 246.









This two door Wanderer W 22 cabriolet with four side windows belonged to a supply unit. The vehicle still carried its civilian number plate of the governmental district Leipzig. The perforated rims and the tubular protective bow in front of the radiator mask are unusual. Most probably, both items were upgrades. The photo was made in 1940 or later concluded by the socket of the Nachtmarschgerät.






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