Adler Standard 8 (15 N), Adler Achtzylinder






This sadly largely covered passenger car is a rare Adler Standard 8 (15 N). Typical for this model was the radiator grille with horizontal imprintings in the radiator tank. The vehicle was a bit battered and several braces of the radiator grille wer missing. Because the size of the car is not clearly visible, it could also be an Adler Standard 6 S (12 NS).









After the unlucky attempts with the Adler Standard 8 with Gropius designed car body, Adler reworked its eight-cylinder model in 1933. It was offered with a new car body as Adler Achtzylinder. But this model was also no success so that the era of the Adler eight-cylinder models ended in 1934.






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