Gerät 041






On 14th May, 1943, Hitler ordered that the Gerät 040 should be converted to 54 cm barrels (Gerät 041) to increase its range. The first barrels were tested in early 1944. Only three of the six 54 cm barrels were available at the end of September 1944. At that time, the Geräte I (Adam), III (Odin), IV (Thor) and V (Loki) were prepared as Gerät 041 but had not received the new barrels. The Gerät V (Loki) was damaged and later captured by the Allies on the western front as Gerät 041 during a rail transport some time later.









Both photos illustrat the Gerät IV (Thor) after its conversion to a 54 cm barrel on the testing ground of Rheinmetall. The further fate of the vehicle is unclear.






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