Panzerkampfwagen II (2 cm) (Sd. Kfz. 121)
Ausführung a/1, a/2, a/3, b, c, A, B, C, D und F






The development of a Panzerkampfwagen - battle tank - which was armed with a 2 cm Kw.K. started in 1934. This development was made under the cover designation Landwirtschaftlicher Schlepper 100 PS - agricultural tracktor 100 HP - (La.S.100). MAN was chosen as developing company. The first testing model was finished early in 1935. In 1936, each 25 vehicles of the Ausführung - version - a/1, a/2 and a/3 were made based on the chassis of the 1. Serie La.S.100. In total 100 vehicles of the Ausführung b based on the chassis of the 2. Serie La.S.100 were also made this year. These early vehicles are identifiable by the track drive assembly with six small road wheels. (Photo: German federal archive via Wikimedia Commons; License: Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0-gb)









In 1936, the La.S.100 was officially introduced as Panzerkampfwagen (2 cm) - battle tank II (2 cm) - (Sd. Kfz. 121). Likewise on chassis of the 2. Serie La.S.100, 31 vehicles of the Ausführung c were made with the new track drive assembly with five road wheels. Further 44 vehicles of the Ausführung c followed on chassis of the 3. Serie La.S.100. Until April 1940, 958 vehicles of the Ausführungen A, B and C based on chassis of the 4., 5., 6. and 7. Serie La.S.100 were made.









The vehicles in the second and third photo are vehicles of the Ausführung B and C. While the vehicle in the second photo is a serial vehicle, the vehicle in the third photo was retrofitted with a commander’s cupola and additional armour.









Beginning in 1938, about 40 to 70 vehicles of the Ausführung D1 were made based on the chassis of the 8. Serie La.S.100 resp. La.S.138. This chassis was developed for a higher top speed and had a totally new track drive assembly with four road wheels. The armoured hull was totally new, too. Only the turret was taken over from the Panzerkampfwagen II.









From 1941 to late 1942, 524 vehicles of the Ausführung F were made on the older chassis with five road wheels. The Ausführung F had organically thicker armour and a streight plate in front of the driver.






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