Kfz-Aufsetzkran 3t






The Kfz-Aufsetzkran 3t - motor vehicle attachment crane 3 tons - belonged to the ground equipment of the Luftwaffe. It could be attached to the platform of different lorries of the 3 ton class. In the upper and middle photo, one can see the crane in driving position while the crane can be seen in working position in the lowest photo.









It seems that as chassis most often the Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S was used. Observe the delicate construction of the cran which can be seen also in this photo.






Opel Blitz 3,6-36 S Kfz Aufsetzkran 3t WL-102059, Archiv Oswald



It was a jib gantry crane for manual operation with trolley made in tubular framework construction. It had a total weight of 1,400 kg. The largest part of the platform of the lorry could still be used for the transport of material (payload less the crane weight). The largest high of the hook was 5,500 mm. The crane had a lifting capacity of 3 tons at a radius of 2,050 mm over the support wheels, and of 2 tons at a radius of 2,800 mm. The load could be liftes with a speed of 5 to 15 cm per minute.






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