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My name is Holger Erdmann. I was born in Giessen, Germany in 1975. In 1996, I finished school education with higher education entrance qualification. After that, I did one’s military service at the Pz. Gren. Btl. 52 (armoured infantry battalion 52) in Rotenburg an der Fulda.















The author in front of a MAN 5t mil. gl. of the 1/Pz.Gren.Btl. 52 during instruction of a new driver.















This MAN 10t mil. gl. belonged to  6/Pz.Gren.Btl. 52 and was later lend out to 1/52.










In 1997, I started studies in geography at Justus Liebig University in Giessen which I finished in 2010 with the grade of a diploma geographer.










Since my earliest youth I am interested in military vehicles. Still, I am building military models on a scale of 1:35. Some years ago, some old photos from World War II came into my hands. Since then, the collecting passion has seized me...










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First and foremost special thanks to Henry Hoppe as well as Bill Murray and Bert from Axis History Forum for their assistance and for the identification of many vehicles. For providing of photos, I would like to thank Henry Hoppe, Detlev Terlisten, Thomas Anderson, Joachim Baschin and Markus Tenhaken.
Special thanks to Mareike Henss for her assistance during the initial translations of this side into English language.










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