Bernard DI 6 C 15 ton Lorry



Bernard DI 6 C, Monte Carlo ca 1943, via Hoppe



This vehicle is a Bernard lorrie of the 15 tons payload class, probably of the type DI 6 C. The photo was taken in Monte Carlo after the occupation of Southern France.









This Bernard DI 6 C tank lorry was used by a unit of the Kriegsmarine. The fuel tank had a capayity of 15,000 to 18,000 litres.









The French army ordered 430 tank transporters based on Bernard DI 6 C 15 tons lorries. 73 vehicles were delivered till the French capitulation. This captured vehicle carried a Wehrmacht number plate.









This lorry is most probably a Bernard DI 6 C, too. Presumably, it is a late model of this type. The vehicle had a license number for Alsace / Strasbourg which was introduced in 1940.






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