Flakpanzer IV (2cm FlakV 38) (Sd. Kfz. 161/4) Wirbelwind






The development of the Flakpanzers IV (2cm FlakV 38) (Sd. Kfz. 161/4) Wirbelwind goes back to a demand of In. 6. In the meantime - by own initiative - a 2cm FlakV 38 with rotatable armoured shield was installed onto a Panzer IV chassis by the II./ SS-Pz.Rgt. 12. In April 1944, the vehicle was inspected by Lt. Graf von Seherr-Thoss who estimated the construction as good. One prototype was manufactured by the Krupp-Druckenmüller GmbH, Berlin-Mariendorf, until late May 1944. Serial production was started at Ostbau in Sagan. Caused by the situation of war, production was relocated to Teplitz-Schönau in February 1945. The first 17 serial vehicles were delivered in July 1944. All in total, 122 Wirbelwind were manufactured. (Foto: NARA)






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