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Name: Norbert
Ort: Bochum
Land: Deutschland
Verschickt: 24.01.2016 8:41:34

Die Seite Kfz der Wehrmacht gefällt mir seht gut und ganz besonders der Bereich Kraftfahrzeuge.
Name: militarfotofan23
Ort: Leipziger Neuenseenland
Land: Sachsen
Verschickt: 19.01.2016 13:33:30

Super Arbeit,top übersichtlich ! Habe auf der Suche nach dem französischen Beute LKW Panhard,die Seiten gefunden.
Beste Grüße Willfried

Name: Alan
Verschickt: 03.01.2016 23:41:10

Nette Seite, werde mal ein bischen stöbern.
Name: Jon Knipe
Ort: Liverpool
Land: United Kingdom
Verschickt: 04.10.2015 18:57:51

A fantastic piece of work, well done. Would make an awesome book.
Thanks for all of the work you have put into it.

Cheers, Jon

Name: Graham Clayton
Ort: South Windsor NSW
Verschickt: 27.04.2015 12:50:50

Great site - just some comments about some photos:

1938 Chrysler - top photo is probably a Royal as it does not have the chrome chevrons, as was the case with the Imperial.

De Soto Series SC - 1933 - De Soto never offered a limousine, so this car is either a sedan or deluxe sedan

Ford V8 Model 81A and 82A - 1938 - First photo is a model 82A, due to the horizontal bars that extended into the side hood region for engine cooling.

Ford V8 Model 91A and 92 A - 1939 - First photo is a 922A Standard. Second and third photos are 91 Deluxe sedans.

Hudson 1939 - Both photos are of the 112, due to the headlights being separate from the fenders.

Name: Jul-Sverre Haugerud
Ort: Mysen
Land: Norway
Verschickt: 05.03.2015 19:13:39

Do anybody know for fact that Generaloberst Nicolaus von Falkehorst had a Horch 901 type 40 kfz 21, fourdoor convertible with Gläser body, for his disposal in Norway? Some say that Is there any Photos of that car from that time awailable. I would very much appriciate any information regarding this matter. Information about other such cars in Norway in the wartime era is of great interesst. I am also interessted in bying Photos of any such car taken in Norway during the war.
Name: Georgi Gramenov
Ort: Sofia-1000, Vitosha boul.62-A
Land: Bulgaria
Verschickt: 19.09.2014 18:38:31

Dear ladies and sirs,
I was very happy to see and learn a lot of informa-
tion from your site. This info and data will help my studies, knowledge and hobby work, because I have a
deep interest and collection of military models, books,etc. Many thanks and hope in future to keep
contacts and exchange information.

Name: Carl E Sorman
Land: Sweden
Verschickt: 16.05.2014 9:14:43

I apologize for that I am writing this in English. My German language skills is to poor to be used in writing.

Meanwhile 1939-45 manufactured Ford in Cologne 3.9 l gasoline engines for trucks and half-track vehicles. The engines produced by Ford in Cologne had in molding, above the clutch letters EB (Eisenwerke Brühl). Engines manufactured after the war had the initials EB and F and K in the two ellipses. From the same time period, there is also the engine block that is marked with an H. Is it possible that the H engine block was manufactured by Henschel & Sohn (Henschel-Werke), with the main factory in Kassel?

Name: ostwärts
Land: A
Verschickt: 15.05.2014 13:19:39

Gratulation - Klasse
Name: Jürgen Klüser
Land: Deutschland
Verschickt: 10.05.2014 23:21:57

Klasse Website! Sehr informativ, hat mir schon ein paar mal geholfen, wenn ich Infos gesucht habe.